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  2. City of Tavares Commercial Utility Account Application

    201 East Main Street, Tavares, FL 32778 
    Telephone (352) 742-6400 Fax (352) 742-4590

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  7. NOTE: If the applicant does not own the property, the owner’s name and address must be provided, and a copy of the lease attached. The Finance Director shall determine utility deposits for non-single family, commercial and industrial establishments. The deposit shall be the greater of three months of a typical bill for the level of service provided or $175.00. There is a one-time service charge of $25.00 per meter for establishing a new account; this charge will appear on your first bill. In cases where immediate service is requested prior to completion of the review and approval process, a temporary account will be established. Should approval of use be denied during the review process, we terminate service and notify the account holder immediately.

    The undersigned customer hereby applies for connection of water and/or wastewater collection service to that premises for residential, commercial or industrial use (circle one) at the scheduled rates, until and unless notice is given to the City in writing that service is to be discontinued, for whatever period of time.  The undersigned customer agrees to conform to all ordinances, rates, rules and regulations of the City of Tavares utility service as are now or hereafter in force and which are made part of this contract.  The customer also agrees to pay the wastewater capital charge, the water capital charge and the connection fees as provided for in these ordinances.  The customer further agrees that all charges for utility services, as they may become due from time to time, shall be and are hereby made a lien upon the above property so long as said charges remain unpaid, as between parties to this contract. Each party agrees that the electronic signatures on this document, whether digital or encrypted, are intended to authenticate this application and to have the same force and effect as manual signatures.

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