Tavares Alert

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During an emergency, or in a situation involving public safety, getting the word out to residents and business owners is of utmost importance. Delivering these messages quickly and accurately can mean all the difference. Tavares is now utilizing a mass notification system that will allow city officials to quickly communicate with residents during time-sensitive situations. The system is capable of placing thousands of telephone calls within a matter of minutes. The City can also send text messages to cell phones, e-mail accounts and TTY/TDD receiving devices for the hearing impaired.

Where do the phone numbers come from?

If your home or business phone is a published number, you should already be in our system. If you have an unpublished number or do not have a "land line" in your home or business, you can register your contact information by signing up here. You may also use this button if your primary number is already registered and you would like to add additional contact information (such as cell phone or email address). Providing additional contact information is recommended for those business owners who do not reside in the City or whose company headquarters are outside of Tavares.

Please accept our invitation to participate in this great service. We know that your personal information is important, and rest assured that we will not share it with anyone.

How does it work?

In the event of an emergency notification, the system will dial the telephone number for the residence or business and relay a recorded message advising of the emergency circumstances. If the telephone line is busy or there is no answer, the system will attempt to make three tries to reach you. The system is also capable of calling a secondary telephone or sending an email or a text message. Each residence or business can have any or all three of these contact methods, and we encourage you to provide these additional contacts, if possible.

Caller ID and Identifying Calls Coming from the City

The caller -ID number for calls generated by the City of Tavares will be the same as the main City Hall number: 352.742.6209. In addition, every message will begin with the same standard announcement: "Hello this is _____ calling with an important message from the City of Tavares." The message content will follow this standard introduction.

If you have any questions regarding the Tavares Alert system, contact Alex Patton at 352.742.6209 or apatton@tavares.org