Golf Carts in the City of Tavares

Golf Cart Crossing
The City of Tavares has approved the use of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV) such as golf carts and low speed vehicles city-wide. (Note: Golf carts are not permitted to cross SR 441 or State Road 19. Carts can cross SR 19 ONLY at Dead River Road and at US 441 at Saint Clair Abrams Avenue and Banning Beach Road) The approval of golf cart usage on city roads is meant to increase the transportation options in the the city in a ecologically and convenient manner.
(Shown at right:  Golf Cart Crossing at Dead River Road and State Road 19)

Golf Cart Ordinance

Golf cart owners can now register their golf cart with the Tavares Police Department.

Tavares is a golf cart-friendly community and these small neighborhood vehicles are a popular mode of transportation in and about the downtown area. Unlike cars and trucks, golf carts are not required to be registered with the State of Florida and do not have Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) factory installed. With the rising popularity of golf carts as an inexpensive way of getting around, the carts can become easy targets for thieves if not properly secured. A golf cart that is registered is easier to trace and identify should it be stolen and as a result, easier to reunite with its proper owner. The Tavares Police Department is now offering this free, voluntary, registration service to local golf cart owners.

Golf Cart Registration Form (Voluntary)

  For more information, call 352.742.6200

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I ride my golf cart anywhere inside of Tavares?

A.   No not "anywhere", while Tavares is a golf cart friendly city, according to F.S. § 320.01(22), a "golf cart" is defined as a motor vehicle therefore can only operate on streets like motor vehicles.                           
  • not on sidewalks
  • not on bike paths
  • not in or thru parks or on pedestrian walkways (including but not limited to Wooton Park)
  • not on boat or seaplane ramps 
  • not on or across US 441 or SR 19. Two exceptions for crossing US 441 and SR 19 granted by Florida Department of Transportation are a special exception golf carts crossings at:
  1. SR 19 at Dead River Road
  2. US 441 at Saint Clair Abrams Avenue to Banning Beach Road 
Note: Golf carts shall comply with all applicable local and state traffic laws, and may be ticketed for traffic and parking violations in the same manner as motor vehicles.  

Q. Who can operate a golf cart?

A.  Anyone over the age of 16. No driver's license is required.

Q. Can I park my golf cart in a handicap space?

A.  If you have a valid handicap decal / hangar you may use it on your golf cart when parking at a handicap space.

Q. Can I operate my golf cart at night?

A. You may, if your golf cart is equipped with the proper equipment per the ordinance.

Q. Do I have to have insurance on my golf cart?

A. The City of Tavares does not have an insurance requirement, but the state of  Florida may, depending upon the top speed of your vehicle.  Check with your insurance agent.

Q. I live in Lake Francis Estates, can I go to the Winn Dixie shopping center?

A. You may use St. Clair Abrams avenue to the frontage road of the Winn Dixie shopping center. The shopping center is private property that is next to the CRA. The owners of the center may or may not allow operation of golf carts.