Solid Waste Collection Services


Bagged leaves will be picked up for free by the Solid Waste Division on the following days:  Monday, March 26th and Tuesday, March 27th, as well as Monday, April 2nd and Tuesday, April 3rd.  For more information please contact Kim Henderson at 352.742.6221 or by Email.

bagged leaf

Garbage Collection

As collection service begins at 7:00 a.m., we recommend that you place all trash on curb the night prior to collection. If your curbside is at the front of your property, your collection will take place there. If you have an alley, collection will take place in your alleyway.

Your blue cart is collected twice per week and is for household garbage and compost material. Should you require additional carts, please contact the city of Tavares for assistance at 352.742.6400.  (Please call 352.742.6221 for all other solid waste questions.)

Please place your blue cart on the curb with the handle facing your home. In order for our drivers to ensure complete pickup of items, please refrain from placing your cart within 4 ft of other objects such as mailboxes, etc. Please note that additional household garbage or compost placed outside of the cart will be subject to additional charges. 

Recycling, Bulk Items & Yard Waste

Your Recycling, bulk items, and tree limbs are collected once per week. For your convenience, the city offers 4 FREE bulk item pickups per fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sep. 30). Bulk items, which include furniture, appliances, other metal, etc. are collected separately on Monday or Tuesday according to your address. We kindly ask that these items be placed away from your automated cart. Each pickup may be up to 2 cubic yards (6'x3'x3') per pickup. (Please note that excess will be subject to additional charges). To ensure complete collection, we recommend placing your automated cart at one side of your driveway and all other debris at the other side of your driveway.

Your Tree limbs are collected separately on either Thursday or Friday according to your address. (Imperial Terrace is collected on Wednesday).  We recommend placing them in an area free of obstruction. For your safety, please refrain from placing tree limbs beneath a tree or low hanging wires, and avoid sprinklers and utility boxes. In order to avoid additional fees, please limit your tree limb debris to 2 cubic yards per week. Debris in excess of these amounts will be subject to additional charges.

Aquatic foliage (up to 2 cubic yards per week) will also be collected. Debris in excess of these amounts will be subject to additional charges.

Examples of items we are unable to collect at this time include, but are not limited to: car batteries, oil and paint, propane tanks, fluorescent light bulbs, deceased animals, chemicals and concrete. Disposal of these items is handled by the Lake County Landfill, 352-343-3776