Utilities - Water Division


Emergency WATER issues during regular business hours call: 352.742.6222

Emergency SEWER issues during regular business hours call: 352.742.6462

Emergency water/sewer issues evenings and weekends call: 352.742.6300

(emergency service calls are routed through the Lake County Sheriff's  Office dispatch services during the evenings/weekends/holiday's)

Questions about your Utility Bill, Water Meter, Water or Sewer Services
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday: 352.742.6400

The Utilities Water Division is responsible for 4 water treatment plants, 7 wells and 3 water storage facilities, with a capacity of 2.5 million gallons. These facilities all have fluoridation, disinfection and onsite generators for continuous operation even during catastrophic events.

The Water Plants are completing a $2.5M upgrade for continuous water quality and distribution to preserve and protect the public health. The funding for this project is a grant from the ARRA Program supplied to the City from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The city has approximately 110+ miles of water lines within and outside the city limits.

The water distribution system in the Community Redevelopoment Area (CRA District) is also being upgraded, along with the sewer collection system lines, The funding is part of the Loan/Grant Program. These upgrades will supply fire flow protection to this area to meet today’s fire codes and improve the water quality. The City also has an ongoing hydrant replacement program that is removing the old hydrant from service and installing new hydrants with new valving systems.

We recently installed 70 new water sampling taps throughout the City to improve  water qualitytesting. Water is sampled monthly to meet the requirements of the FDEP. The department also has a meter change out program that schedules the replacement of older water meters to provide for better water conservation and accurate readings. The department has an active Water Conservation Program that meets the requirements of the Saint Johns Water Management District.

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