• Questions about your Utility Bill, Water Meter, Water, or Sewer Services are handled by the Finance Department.  Call 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday: 352.742.6400 or Email Utility Billing.
  • For emergency WATER issues during regular business hours, call: 352.742.6222
  • For emergency SEWER issues during regular business hours, call: 352.742.6462
  • Emergency water/sewer issues evenings, weekends, or holidays call: 352.742.6300 (emergency service calls are routed through the Lake County Sheriff's  Office dispatch services during the evenings/weekends/holidays)

The City of Tavares Utilities Department provides potable water, wastewater treatment, and reclaimed water for irrigation, serving homes and businesses throughout Tavares. The utility is a government-owned enterprise fully funded by customer rates, not tax dollars.

The Utility is also responsible for stormwater operations, providing proper drainage and flooding prevention.

The Utility is comprised of four Divisions. For additional information, please click on the following links.

July 9, 2019 - Public Notice:

Grant Funding Application for Project HMGP 4337-743 City of Tavares, Wastewater Lift Stations, Generator

All questions or inquiries regarding utility accounts or billing should be directed to Utility Billing, a division of the Finance Department. https://www.tavares.org/920/Water-Sewer-Services