Support Services

Information Technology

Provides information technology services to enable and support the operations of all City departments. This makes government services more easily accessible to citizens, governmental agencies, and external businesses.

Our infrastructure includes network, radio, hardware/software platforms, and support for citywide and department-specific applications and services. In addition, we partner with other departments, management, and key technology providers to implement and maintain solutions enabling efficient operations and delivery of City services.

Public Communications

Serves to inform City residents, employees, businesses, and other stakeholders about City operations and Council decisions.

The department is responsible for producing and disseminating information about City operations to the public (external customers) and City employees (internal customers).

Information is disseminated using various methods and tools, including the City Newsletter, media releases, public service announcements, advertising, social media, and this website.

Protecting the brand and logos of the City. 
Our logo and tagline are trademarked, "America's Seaplane City," which is a valuable asset and strengthens our identity in our community and worldwide. Its consistent color, size, and application use protects its integrity and is vital to our growth. We have developed a Graphics Standards Manual to preserve and strengthen the Tavares brand. Please refer to it after "permission to use" is obtained and when applying the Tavares logo, tagline, or colors (read more at Request permission to use).

The City of Tavares takes trademark infringement seriously and has copyright and trademark registrations to protect its brand. The City of Tavares logo is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The Tavares logo is a valuable asset; protecting its integrity is vital to our growth. The reproduction standards and artwork in this manual were developed to preserve and strengthen the Tavares brand. The City reserves the right to defend and maintain its logo legally. Unauthorized use will not be allowed.

Emergency Management 

  • The local government is the first line of defense for citizens confronting the impacts of a disaster. Emergency Management coordinates the response to emergencies with City departments and area stakeholders. 
  • Maintains the Tavares Emergency Operations Center (TEOC) in the City Public Safety Complex at 911 Gateway Drive.
  • Tavares serves to support the Lake County Primary EOC as the operations center for coordinating City departments' response in support of the Lake County Emergency Management Plan.

Mark O'Keefe, Director

Image of Mark O'Keefe, Public Communications Director

Daytona Bch 162.400 channel 1

Daytona Beach Weather Radio Tower Location

Sumterville 162.500 channel 5

Sumterville Weather Radio Tower Location

Orlando 162.475 channel 4

Orlando Weather Radio Tower Location