City Clerk


As the City's record-keeping officer, the City Clerk is responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all City Council documents as prescribed by State law and City Code.  Some of the other services the City Clerk provides are as follows:

  • Serves as the official records custodian and manager for the City
  • Processes public record requests
  • Coordinates and prepares the City Council agenda and minutes, Planning & Zoning Board minutes, Code Enforcement/Special Magistrate Hearing minutes and all other committee, public workshop and meeting minutes
  • Supervises the City elections in coordination with the Lake County Supervisor of Elections
  • Attests documents and contracts for the City
  • Prepares and publishes legal notices
  • Processes Lien Search requests
  • Processes Domestic Partnership registrations and assists as a Simply Married Officiant
  • Provides Board support
  • Provides City Receptionist services
  • Coordinates the codification and distribution of the City Code of Ordinances and Land Development Regulations
  • Processes and maintains ordinances, resolutions, easements covenants and city contracts

                               CITY OF TAVARES

                          NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC


                   TAVARES CITY COUNCIL SEAT 4

A ballot recount for the November 5, 2019 Tavares City Council Seat 4 municipal election will be held at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, November 8, 2019, at the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office, 1898 East Burleigh Boulevard, Tavares, 32778

Individuals with disabilities needing assistance to participate should contact the Tavares City Clerk at 352.742.6209 or email

      Invitation to Submit Community Grant Applications

The City of Tavares City invites applications from area not-for-profit organizations with a 501C3 designation for funding for community and social services projects serving residents in the City of Tavares. Grants of up to $500 will be awarded to successful applicants.

Applicants may obtain an application on line at or by contacting the City Clerk, City Hall, 201 E. Main Street at 352-742-6209 or

The deadline to submit applications is November 29, 2019.

2019 Community Grant Application

Public Records Requests

The City Clerk's office is available to assist you with your public records requests.  To expedite your request, please visit the City Clerk's office, 2nd floor, Tavares City Hall, 201 E Main Street, call 352.742.6279 or 352.742.6209, or send your request by email to the City Clerk.  You can also submit requests and inquiries through the Tavares website request tracker page. 

To obtain the City of Tavares Police Officers' Pension Trust Fund and City of Tavares Firefighters' Pension Trust Fund Please contact Foster and Foster, Inc. at or by mail   

Lien Search Requests

Please forward all lien search requests to the City Clerk and include a form if you would like the City Clerk to provide the information on your company form.  Lien searches include information on city utilities, open code enforcement cases, open building permits and special assessments including back-up material.   For additional questions please contact the City Clerk at 352.742.6279.