Planning & Zoning Board

The City of Tavares Planning & Zoning Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 201 E Main Street, Tavares 32778

The Planning & Zoning Board acts as a recommending body to the City Council. City staff prepares a statement of findings concerning the compliance of an application with the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations as well as any recommendations for additional requirements. After receiving an application, the Planning & Zoning Board shall report to the City Council whether it concurs in whole or in part with the staff's proposed findings, and if there are differences, the Planning & Zoning Board will propose its own recommendation and reasons therefore. In response to the recommendations of the Planning & Zoning Board, an applicant may modify an application prior to submission to the City Council.

The Planning & Zoning Board consists of 7 members with 3-year terms and 1 representative from the Lake County School Board. Board Members must be residents of the City of Tavares and are appointed by the Mayor.

Planning & Zoning Board Members
Gary S. Santoro - Chairman 
(Term 2020-2023)
Bruce W. Peterman 
(Term 2019-2022)
Dara Treadwell 
(Term 2019-2022)
Brooke Matthews 
(Term 2019-2022)
Diane Joy 
(Term 2020-2023)
Deborah Murphy 
(Term 2020-2023)
James Sweezea 
(Term 2019-2022)
Helen LaValley
- Lake County School Board Representative

Staff Liaison: Mike Fitzgerald, Community Development Director
Ph 352.742.6408 Email Mike Fitzgerald


Board and Committee appointments are made by the Mayor of the City of Tavares.

Applications for vacancies should be submitted to the City Clerk at the City of Tavares, 201 E Main Street, Tavares, Florida 32778. For additional information please contact Susie Novack, City Clerk, at 352.742.6209 or Email Susie Novack.