Just like our seaplane base hosts these gatherings of seaplanes creating excitement and interest and drawing attention to Tavares, so will the arrival of the judges.  Hence, we’ve dubbed their arrival the Fly-in. 

In April or May (dates to be determined) two judges will arrive to evaluate our city.  Since judges act in a volunteer capacity, they typically visit during the week, not on a weekend.  This also allows city staff and committees involved in the program to afford them all of the attention that they deserve.  Generally they will tour our neighborhoods, business district, government facilities and parks learning and seeing firsthand how the City operates.  This will be a time when City Department Heads, business owners and civic groups will have an opportunity to dazzle them, showing off projects and ways in which we all contribute to a better community.  They’ll be looking for specific information regarding statistics.  Departments such as parks will share how many parks we maintain and information like the total acres mowed, how many miles of sidewalk we edge and so forth. Solid Waste may want to provide statistical data like how many tons municipal solid waste is processed annually.  Or more interesting, the fact that in the month of October 2016 the department drove some 463 miles collecting a whopping 47.8 tons of yard debris, and that was only the Thursday route! That sounds like we’re keeping our yards tidy. 

Did you know an estimated 40,000 visitors enjoy our city annually during events like 4th of July, Christmas, Boofest, Fly-Ins, Planes, Trains and BBQ hosted by the City as well as city supported events like Sunnyland Antique Boat Show, CRA events, Dragonboat Festival, Steamboat Meet, Hydrocross Jet Ski races, Hydrodrag Races, Rifles, Rails and History and Red for Ed, and the MDA walk.

We want for the judges to experience Tavares in a Seaplane-a-Palooza kind of way!