Seaplane Base

Seaplanes surf the sky and the water throughout the day. But, at the end of the day, the seaplanes need a place to “rest and nest”. This place is the seaplane base, an airport located on a body of water, said another way, a seaplane base is a hub of activity, where each flight begins and ends.

The base for our America in Bloom program is Tavares, Florida.  We are a city of about 15,000 residents placing us in a judging category for cities with populations between 10,001- 25,000.  We will be judged with cities like Fairhope, Al; Arroyo Grande, CA and Venice, Fl. 

Judges only visit and judge cities within the same population categories.  This allows them to be familiar with the resources and needs of communities of that particular size.  They are essentially experts in that population demographic, and their suggestions are not proposed with pie in the sky expectations.  

The evaluation will help us to plot our course for improvements during the 2018 participating year.


(image: parked seaplanes on ramp)