Tavares in Bloom

Tavares in Bloom is our city beautification and community awareness initiative through  participation in the nationally acclaimed America in Bloom program.  What is America in Bloom?  America in Bloom is a national awards program for cities, towns, business districts, college and university campuses and military installations. America in Bloom is modeled after successful European and Canadian programs and is now in its 16th year.  This program has touched the lives of 22 million people across America since its inception. 

2017 marks our maiden voyage in the America in Bloom program.  So, the sky is the limit for us!  The America in Bloom program instills pride and awareness by providing us with a framework to navigate, while helping our community to blossom and thrive. 

Photo Apr 07, 12 46 23 PM(images: seaplane on ramp, seaplane ramp behind flowers, seaplane entering water, seaplanes floating on water by shoreline, orange flowers, bird, Tavares Seaplane Base Prop Shop)

America in Bloom envisions communities across the country as welcoming and vibrant places to live, work, and play – benefiting from colorful plants and trees;  enjoying clean environments;  celebrating heritage;  and planting pride through volunteerism. 

Communities just like Tavares! 

And, communities are comprised of government, businesses, residents and organizations.  We want for all of you to become involved.  If you have ever experienced the challenge, cooperation and pride of working as a group towards a greater good for your community, or if you never have and would like to, please join us in this endeavor.  This program is for young and old alike, there is a place for everyone.  Tavares in Bloom is for the benefit of each of us and our city. 

To better understand how the program works follow our flight instructions, from the Seaplane Base to the Splash Down. We are ready to take flight, better get on board now!

Seaplane Base

Plotting Our Course

Take Off

Stick & Rudder Skills


Category & Class

Glassy Water Landing

Splash Down