Proposed Performing Arts Center

Message from Tavares City Council

"This web page is designed to provide Tavares voters with information on the proposed Performing Arts Center. This will enable voters to make an informed decision when voting on the November 5th, 2019 referendum. We hope Tavares voters take advantage of this information by entering their property address into the web portal below.  This portal provides the estimated tax contribution to build and operate this facility. Also, there is a brief video, a study and other information for your perusal. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact any Council Member or the City Administrator at 352-742-6209. Most importantly, please vote on Tuesday, November 5th either way, as we want you to directly participate in this decision”. Tavares City Council

Photo of City Council

Artist Conceptual Rendering subject to change based on community and design professional input

Final Rendering Artist rendition of proposed Tavares Performing Art Center

Residents are asked to consider the issuance of municipal bonds for designing, permitting and constructing a performing arts center and associated parking garage.

Notice is hereby given of a Bond Referendum to be on the ballot of the Tavares Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

The ballot language of the bond referendum will be as follows:


To enhance quality of life and improve economic conditions by designing, permitting and constructing a Performing Arts Center and associated parking garage in the City of Tavares, shall the City issue bonds not exceeding in principal amount $27 million at an interest rate of not exceeding the legal maximum and maturing over 20 years or less, by levying ad valorem taxes in an amount sufficient to repay such bonds?

________    FOR BONDS

________    AGAINST BONDS

Important information regarding the use of this product

Disclaimer: This calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the ad valorem property tax for the proposed Performing Arts Center and associated parking garage. It should not be relied upon as a definitive determination of annual taxes. Information based on the 2018 (FY19) certified tax roll.

Your use of this estimator and its data constitutes your admission and agreement you have read and understood the above assumptions, intent, and limitations; and you will hold harmless the City of Tavares, City Council and its employees from any and all mistakes, misuse, and misunderstandings. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the accuracy of the data or calculations herein, its use, or its interpretation.

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This tool assists property owners to estimate their property tax for the proposed Performing Arts Center and associated parking garage.

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