Recycling in Tavares

The City of Tavares contracts with Waste Management, an outside vendor, to collect recyclables. We have teamed up to reward residents for home recycling. Recyclebank rewards you for taking everyday green actions - like recycling - with discounts and deals from more than 3,000 local and national businesses. On average, Recyclebank members can earn up to $165 in reward value through their annual recycling efforts. Here's how it works:
Simply register at and follow the online prompts to verify your home address. You will need to enter a PIN, which you should have received in the mail. If you don’t have your PIN, don’t worry! You can request a PIN on the website and have it sent to you via text message or mail. Once you receive your PIN, go back to and enter it to complete your registration. You can also call 1.888.727.2978 to register.
Register for Recyling
Recycle all that you can with your green recycling cart; it will be collected and weighed along with your neighborhood’s recycling. If you’re a Recyclebank member, you’ll earn points each time you bring your cart to the curb, which is based on the total amount your neighborhood recycled. You can also earn 10 bonus point each recycling pick-up week for reporting your recycling activity at or via our iPhone® or BlackBerry® applications, you earn your share of points for that pick-up.
What can be recycled? Download a list here.

Watch a great video on the recycling process.

What Does the Code Number on Plastics Mean?
#1 PET - Polyethylene Terepthalate
Soft drink & water bottles
#2 HDPE - High Density Polyethylene
Natural bottles (milk, water, juice)
#3 PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Shampoo, toiletries, household cleaners, water bottles
Mustard & squeeze bottles
#5 PP - Polypropylene
Ketchup & Syrup bottles
#6 PS - Polystyrene
#7 Other Coded Plastics
Lids & bottles