Golf Cart Registration

Golf cart owners can now register their vehicle with the Tavares Police Department.

Tavares is a golf cart friendly community and these small neighborhood vehicles are a popular mode of transportation in and about the downtown area. Unlike cars and trucks, golf carts are not required to be registered with the State of Florida and do not have Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) factory installed. With the rising popularity of golf carts as an inexpensive way of getting around, the carts can become easy targets for thieves if not properly secured. A golf cart that is registered and tagged is easier to trace and identify should it be stolen and as a result, easier to reunite with its proper owner. The Tavares Police Department is now offering this free, voluntary, registration service to local golf cart owners.

Download the golf cart registration form and bring it to the Tavares Police Department, 911 Gateway Drive, or for more information, call 352.742.6471.