Sustainability means different things to differnt people. It is often confused with recycling, and sometimes it is used interchangably with the term "reducing your carbon footprint."

In reality sustainability covers a variety of topics such as energy, water conservation, endangered species, going green, and the like. A simple definition is, "To meet the needs of today's people, without compromising the needs of future generations."

The following links will provide information on the many categories that contribute to sustainability:
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  Green Building

   City Initiatives
   LEED Certification
   FGBC Certification

Recycle Bin
  Recycling in Tavares

  Protecting Native Species
   Protecting Wildlife (FWC)
   Endangered Florida Wildlife
   Black Bears

Golf Cart

     Tips & Tricks
     Driving Green
     Golf Carts & NEV
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  Protecting Our Environment
  Fertilizer Guidelines