Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Operations

To report a code violation here by visiting this link 

The goal of Code Enforcement is for the public to comply with City codes and ordinances and the purpose is to maintain the health, safety and beauty of the community. The preferred method is voluntary compliance.

The Code Enforcement Officer has the ability to issue citations and present code violations to the Special Master at a public hearing. If the Special Master determines that the violation persists, fines can be assessed up to $250 per day per offense, for each day the violation is not corrected, or up to $500 per day for each repeat violation. Such fines are assessed against the property owner and are recorded in the Lake County Public Records as a lien against the property.

Code Compliance deals with all aspects of residential and commercial zoning compliance. Examples of typical code issues are junk-like conditions, abandoned motor vehicles, abandoned watercraft, tall grass, setback requirements, permitting requirements, fence inspections, sign inspections, and much more.

For more information call (352) 742-6419 or report a code violation here by visiting this link   

Tall Grass

Tall Grass

Grass and weeds in excess of 12" in height constitutes a violation and must be removed.

Unsafe structure

Unsafe Structures

Unsafe buildings must be repaired or removed.


Trash & Debris

It is a violation to accumulate trash and debris on private property. The City's garbage service will assist in hauling away most of these items. Call 352.742.6221 for info.

Inoperable vehicle

Inoperative Vehicles

Discarded, abandoned, or inoperative vehicles may not be stored where they are visible to adjacent property owners. An inoperable vehicle must be stored in a completely enclosed structure.


Tree removal

Tree Removal

The City of Tavares is a tree sanctuary. City codes require that any tree with a diameter of 6" or more at breast height must have a permit before removal.

No permit

Construction Without a Permit

Any structural, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work requires a building permit. If you are in doubt as to a need for a permit, call Tavares Building Department at 352.742.6213.

Signs in right of way

Signs in the Right of Way

No signs may be placed in the road right-of-way, placed at street intersections, or attached to utility poles.
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