City of Tavares

Posted on: March 29, 2017

Name the Ruby Street Stormwater Park Contest - Entries Due April 30th!


City of Tavares is excited to announce our newest cutting-edge park is nearing completion. However, the only problem is we don’t know what to name the park. The future 8 acre park, which has been referred to by its working title of “Ruby Street” will consist of a series of beautiful “ponds” and a wooden bridge, which will actually serve as sustainable stormwater treatment area.  

Now is the chance for you to be involved in this exciting time by participating in our Name That Park Contest. You are invited and encouraged to visit for an in-depth preview of the project prior to submitting your park name. 

Participation rules and guidelines are as follows:

•Suggested names may be submitted either in-person at the Utilities Administration Building, 1000 Captain Haynes Rd., Tavares, FL 32778 or by U.S. Mail Attn: Brad Hayes

•Suggested names must be received between April 1st and April 30th, 2017 for consideration.

Suggested names must meet the following requirements:

•Must not duplicate part or all of another named Park;

•Must have a parent signature if under the age of 18;

•Must not be the name of a person; and

•Must not be vulgar in name, meaning, or suggestion.

•All submissions must contain the suggested park name, date of submission, and the name, address, and telephone number of the entrant.   

By submitting your suggestion to name our park, you agree that the City of Tavares may use that name in any and all promotional materials. You agree that you have no ownership or rights to the name. Entries will be reviewed by a staff committee and then a recommendation will be provided to Council for final determination of the park name with the name to be announced at the council meeting. If more than one person sent in the same name and it wins, the first person who entered the name based on the date and time stamp when it was received by the City will be the winner. This contest does not create a requirement that any of the names submitted are selected. In the event no acceptable name is submitted, the contest will end without a winner.

Name The Stormwater Park Application