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Posted on: July 11, 2016

Ruby Street Stormwater Improvement and Beautification Construction Updates


The Ruby Street Stormwater Improvement and Beautification Project began in August 2016 with construction staging and pre-planning. Construction began in September 2016. There will be bi-weekly updates so please check back to find out the latest on the construction progress and road closures. 

May 18, 2017 Update:

This week, work is proceeding on schedule on Ruby Street in front of Avalon Park and Tiki West restaurant. Everything is going according to plan and no delays are expected.

Next stop will be the closing of the New Hampshire intersection. Again, it is anticipated that this intersection will be closed for four weeks due to the many conflicts identified under this area.

Parking and access signs will be placed to guide patrons accordingly.

Important work continues on the pond cells, as well.

Curbing continues from Sinclair to Joanna,and road sub base will be forthcoming. Remaining signage and barricades will be removed from these areas upon completion.

Again, please note that full parking and access is available from both the Sinclair and Joanna Streets.

May 5, 2017 Update:

This weekend, both Sinclair and Joanna intersections will be open along the Ruby Street construction project.

April 26, 2017 Update:

THIS WEEKEND: The construction crew is aware that this is Leesburg Bikefest weekend, and the hotel is sold out. In preparation for this weekend, the intersection of Ruby and Joanna will be open. Sidewalks will be available and accessible. There has been some concern voiced about the "Local Traffic Only" signs. The city is aware of this concern, and the city is working on solutions to make sure there is no confusion regarding parking and accessibility.

LOOKING AHEAD: The city will be ordering parking signs for the Ruby Street businesses located between Joanna and New Hampshire. Depending on what is accomplished this week, Prime Construction may be out of the intersection of Ruby Street and Joanna Avenue by the end of next week, if possible. This depends on conditions and conflicts found working in the intersection. Work in the intersection may continue to the week of May 7th. Once intersection is completed, the pipe crew will continue installing stormwater pipe in Ruby Street working east from the intersection.

April 13, 2017 Update:

1. The intersection of Ruby Street and Joanna Street will close on April 24th. The contractor has held off on closing the intersection until the Planes, Trains & BBQ event. It is anticipated this intersection will be closed for approximately two weeks. We will keep you updated on progress.

2. Well points are being installed further down Ruby Street in anticipation of moving past the Joanna intersection.

3. Progress continues on the pond site, however, old rail ties have been discovered and need to be removed and properly disposed of.

4. Road sub grade and curbing will being from Sinclair to Joanna within the next few weeks.

March 24, 2017 Update:

The following is an outlook of the next several weeks in regards to Prime Construction working on Ruby Street and the intersection of Joanna Avenue. This is an estimate and things may change. We will keep you updated.

Week of March 27

The pipe crew will west side of the intersection of Ruby St. and Joanna Ave. by the end of the week. This is where the pavement has previously been removed. The electricians will be on site next week to run conduits in this area, as well as Ruby and Sinclair.

Week of April 3

The pipe crew will be installing structures on the Ruby Street, west of Joanna Ave.

The well point crew will be on site this week to install well points across the intersection of Ruby St. and Joanna Ave. This should not require the closure of the intersection. Traffic ramps will be used with the well point system to allow traffic to cross the well points.

Week of April 10

The pipe crew will be working in the intersection of Ruby Street and Joanna Avenue. This will require the closing of the intersection and detour traffic around. Prime is going to work diligently (and possibly overtime) to complete the work across Ruby and Joanna Ave. intersection. Intersection will be closed for 2-weeks hopefully. This means we would be through the intersection by April 21st, but it may take longer depending on what is located in the intersection.

Prime is planning on re-opening a portion of the intersection to traffic for weekends.

March 15, 2017 Update:

1. Construction crews will be pulling out tomorrow and it is anticipated that Ruby Street will be temporarily open from Sinclair to Joanna.

2. Next week, all construction is slated to take place at the pond area only.

3. Joanna intersection work will commence week after next.

February 22, 2017 Update:

1. You may see some crew proactively exploring other areas of Ruby Street as they are proactively trying to locate and identify existing buried lines that may cause conflicts. This allows the construction crew to advance plan as much as possible.

2. In preparation for event season, the construction crews will still only be on site four days per week. On Fridays, you may observe a few crew members on site conducting cleaning and pick up. This allows events to take place without construction disruption. In the event of rain during a given week, you may see crews working on Fridays to make up time, but this will not interfere with any events.

3. We wish to stress again that there will be no disruption to the upcoming Sunnyland Antique Boat Show. The City staff has been working with the Sunnyland event organizers during the construction project and addressing any concerns that have been raised. To that end, the City staff has also been working closely with all upcoming event organizers to meet their needs. All events are running on schedule and we look forward to another successful season.

4. Projected timeframes: The construction should reach the Ruby/Joanna intersection in about two weeks. The project approx. four weeks until they reach the area of Tiki West.

February 1, 2017 Update:

1. Sinclair is now open.

2. In two weeks, the stormwater pipes will be brought down Ruby St. down towards the lobby area of Key West Resort.

3. In four weeks, it is anticipated the construction will reach the intersection of Joanna and Ruby. The intersection should be closed for approximately one week.

4. The crew will be backfilling Ruby Street as much as possible as the pipes are laid.

January 4, 2017 Update:

An update meeting was held at Hemingway’s, 126 W Ruby Street, earlier today.  The next update meeting is scheduled for January 11th at 2:00 pm, Hemingway’s.  The following are highlights from today’s meeting:

1. Work continues down by the Joanna area railroad tracks. This will be wrapped up shortly.

2. Berm construction on the pond site will commence within two weeks.

3. Chiller line work at Sinclair and Ruby continues. The crew is now hand digging around six fiber optic lines in order to insure the safety of the lines.

4. During the weekend of January 20-23rd, it is anticipated that final line connections will be done in the Sinclair area. This will not effect local traffic.

5. Shortly after, work will proceed down Ruby to the Joanna intersection. The back road along the lake and Sinclair will be opened at this time so patrons and customer have continual access. Joanna will not close until Sinclair is reopened.

6. It is anticipated this work will finish by the middle of February.

December 5, 2016 Update:

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 2:00 p.m. at the Lago Dora Restaurant, 134 E Ruby Street, to discuss the Ruby Street Stormwater and Beautification Project.  Business owners, residents and anyone insteres is invited to attend.  A project update and projected schedule will be provided at the meeting.  For more information contact Mandy Wettstein at 352.406.0422 or

November 18, 2016 Update:

Sinclair Avenue has been reopened temporarily for the weekend. Come and enjoy your favorite downtown entertainment spots! 

November 10, 2016 Update:

1. Ruby Street between Sinclair and Joanna remains open to local traffic through the weekend. We can expect some closures next week, but the goal will be to have this section reopened during weekends. 

2. Site work will begin in the water near the seaplane and boat ramps soon. This will include work involving sheet piles, well points, and jack and bore. For those that are interested about what you will see taking place around you, here are some brief explanations. Sheet piling is an earth retention and excavation support technique that retains soil, using steel sheet sections with interlocking edges. Sheet piles are installed in sequence to design depth along the planned excavation perimeter or seawall alignment. Jack and bore is a method of horizontal boring sewer construction. Construction crews drill a hole underground horizontally between two points without disturbing the surface between sending and receiving pits. 

3. The ramps will be closed from November 28th through approximately December 9th. 

4. Pond work and excavation continues. A makeshift dump site was discovered so that is requiring some extra time to clean out. 

5. The acquisition of American made iron and steel continues. Remember, this is a project requirement. 

6. The crew continues to water down Ruby Street twice per day for dust containment. In addition, the county is spraying in an attempt to alleviate the blind mosquitoes. 

7. The City of Tavares has ordered some sandwich board signs that will be delivered next Tuesday. These signs will be placed at the front of street closure blockades to inform patrons that ALL BUSINESSES ARE OPEN. In addition, the City of Tavares will continue running this same message on a large digital billboard on Hwy. 441 in Tavares.

8. Construction will cease for the following holiday dates: November 23rd and resume on Monday November 28th, December 23rd and resume Monday, December 27th and December 30th and resume on Tuesday, January 3rd. 

For additional project information please contact Mandy Wettstein at or 352.406-0422.

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