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Posted on: April 28, 2016

Jones Brothers & Co. New Seaplane Passenger Service from Tavares to Your Weekend Destination!


The City of Tavares is very pleased to announce that the City's aviation partner, Jones Brothers & Co. Air and Seaplane Adventures, has earned their FAA Part 135 on-demand passenger air charter certification. This means “Passenger Service” in a Seaplane from Tavares! The Jones Brothers operates out of Tavares Seaplane Base in Wooton Park, on Lake Dora.
Since 2010 Jones Brothers has offered seaplane rides, a seaplane flight school and limited air-taxi services. As Tavares, "America's Seaplane City", expanded its aviation presence, there was increased interest in also expanding the passenger air charter services.
In 2014 the city opened the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake, a magnificent wedding and conference facility suspended over Lake Dora, adjacent to the Tavares Seaplane Base. The city immediately sought to include seaplanes in the facility's activities and worked with Jones Brothers to incorporate seaplanes into wedding and event activities.
Encouraged by the interest in charters, as well as seaplane pilot training, Jones Brothers began the challenging and rigorous process of earning their FAA Part 135 on passenger demand air charter certification, which would allow them to transport passengers from one point to another outside of the basic 25 mile limit. For two years, pages and pages of documentation were prepared and submitted to FAA officials. The aircraft had to meet extremely strict guidelines on safety, maintenance, and operation. The aircraft were inspected, flight logs examined, and pilots screened and tested. Both aircraft and pilots had to demonstrate fitness and competence to ensure the highest safety standards are being met. On September 1, 2015 Jones Brothers received the coveted single pilot air taxi, FAA Part 135 on demand air charter certification.
Seaplane brides can now depart from the Tavares Pavilion and travel to Key West, the Bahamas, or other tropical sites for a seaplane destination honeymoon. The couples can even be flown to Miami and arrive at the cruise ship terminal for a quick, fun and convenient way to take a cruise.
These charter services are obviously available not only to brides and grooms, but also to anyone wanting the unique experience of a seaplane destination vacation. Jones Brothers has partnered with over two dozen beautiful, waterfront resorts along the Atlantic coast from South Carolina through the Florida Keys and all the way up the west coast of Florida to Tampa and Homossassa. With these partnerships, Jones Brothers is able to offer amazing getaway packages, making the destination as enjoyable as the unique flight experience of getting there. Other passengers can take a quick hop from Tavares to Orlando International Airport avoiding traffic and tolls, while getting a spectacular aerial view of central Florida. Jones Brothers can also transport charters to any custom location, as long as the plane can safely land and take off and approach a suitable dock or beach. Other exciting additions to the Jones Brothers lineup are unique day trips and adventures such as flights into the Everglades to take an Everglades safari, fly-in guided fishing and hunting expeditions, landing at the beach or springs for an afternoon of leisure, a flight to a romantic lakeside lunch or dinner, and much more.
The long time question that pilots ask, "But what can I do with a seaplane rating once I get one?", can now be answered in Tavares! Licensed seaplane pilots can fly, with a safety pilot, to a wide variety of locations for seaplane destination vacations. This is a great way for seaplane pilots to stay current, or refresh their training. Pilots can experience real world seaplane flying and learn advanced techniques such as dealing with current, tides, and a variety of docking scenarios.
Jones Brothers is owned and operated by Ricci Rowe and Rob Galloway. The company has an outstanding safety record and makes safety its number one priority. It's truly a family business that enjoys building meaningful relationships not only with the city with which it operates, but with all of the students and passengers who fly with them.
Rob Galloway, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Jones Brothers & Co. says, "Working alongside a city that supports aviation as much as Tavares does is an absolute blessing! We have a truly mutually beneficial relationship with the city which is key to survival, growth and success. Without the city's total support, we would not be here. Without a seaplane operator willing to offer sightseeing, single and multi engine seaplane instruction, and on demand seaplane charter flights, Tavares couldn't live the brand America's Seaplane City. We look forward to years of prospering together"
As Tavares Mayor, Kirby Smith sums it up, "Having a strong partnership with the Jones Brothers is not only a win for our residents, our economy, and our city; it enhances the experience of aviation with unique opportunities that when taken, will be remembered for a lifetime." Smith invites pilots and aviation fans to come land and see both Tavares and the Jones Brothers to capture this wonderful experience for themselves."
For more information, contact Jones Brothers & Co., 352.508.1800, or

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